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Operational PPE

CPCC - Operational PPE

At the core of the CPCC range of products is the operational PPE which offers a range of head-to-toe garments to meet all the protective needs of 21st century fire & rescue services. A more specialist approach to firefighting has created a need for specialised garments to better meet the demands of structural and wildland firefighting and technical rescue situations.

Structural coat and trousers

Bristol’s structural kit incorporates a PBI Gold Ripstop™ outer layer combines with a Gore Crosstech Airlock™ moisture and thermal barrier which also provided protection against blood borne pathogens.

Technical Rescue PPE

This kit, designed principally for urban search and rescue operations (USAR), uses a PBI Gold Triguard™ outer fabric combined with a Gore Crosstech SR™ moisture and blood borne pathogen barrier.

Wildland firefighting PPE

A lightweight, single layer garment using a PBI Gold Triguard™ fabric.

For comprehensive information about our full range of CPCC products refer to our Brochure.

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