Company Profile

A proud history and an exciting future

Bristol Uniforms is one of the world’s leading emergency services protective clothing brands, with 60 years’ experience designing and manufacturing specialist PPE, and a history as a clothing manufacturer dating back to 1801. 

Our garments and associated PPE are sold in 110 countries throughout the world, via a network of more than 70 experienced distributors, located in our major overseas markets.

All our products are made to conform to appropriate international standards. For example, for structural firefighting, standards include EN469:2005 and NFPA1971:2018.  Our Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) garments adhere to EN ISO 11612:2015, and Wildland PPE to EN15164:2007.

Maintaining our customers’ PPE is central to delivering best value. In the UK, we are the only PPE manufacturer offering in-house managed services out of our two service centres in Bristol and Rainham.  Our managed care programmes deliver a comprehensive range of maintenance and monitoring including garment washing, decontamination, condition coding and repair.

Bristol Uniforms is part of the international BTQ Group.  Our sister companies include Quaker Safety Products in the USA and Bell Apparel in the UK. 

Watch the brief video below to find out more about the production of our PPE.

Our Mission 

Bristol Uniforms firmly believes in the power of innovation to drive growth, which is at the heart of the successful expansion achieved in recent years and is marked by a number of notable achievements. These have served to reinforce our position as one of the world’s leading PPE manufacturers for the emergency services. It is a position which we will continue to consolidate, robustly defend and is backed by a reputation we are proud to protect. Our resilience through challenging times has given customers and prospects alike the confidence to turn to us as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. 

For more information on Bristol’s rich history and its contribution to the development of emergency services PPE through the years, see Our History.




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