Procurement and service options

The CPCC is not just about innovative products. The CPCC concept, from its outset, has always had a key objective of offering Fire & Rescue Authorities (FRAs) a level of procurement flexibility as innovative as the comprehensive range of PPE and non-PPE products from which users can now select.

During the four years in which the CPCC concept took shape and became a reality, the team behind the development of the project were tasked with looking at every aspect of procurement. A part of this work was to examine not just what FRAs needed to procure but, also, how procurement should be managed to provide the cost effective and flexible solutions needed to help them maximise their cost benefits.

These considerations were at the centre of the procurement and lifetime service options which set the CPCC apart from procurement options which had been available in the past. From the time the CPCC was introduced in 2008 it was truly innovative in the way it provided alternative purchasing packages to best suit the financial models and priorities of individual FRAs. This is recognised as a key element along with its ability to deliver lifetime ownership savings.

The CPCC offers three options which include;

Fully Managed Service (FMS) – this is a PPE lease option coupled with a fully managed service along with the provision of ceremonial wear for senior officers.

Purchase with Managed Service (PMS) – a purchase option for PPE and other clothing with a fully managed service for PPE available on a flexible basis using a menu of choices.

Purchase Only (PO) – the basic purchase of PPE and other CPCC clothing items.

For comprehensive information about our CPCC procurement and lifetime service options and full product details refer to our Central PPE and Clothing Contract (CPCC) Brochure.

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