Emergency Services

Protective garments for the police and ambulance services

With a long history of producing pioneering designs in the field of personal protective clothing, Bristol has used its product development expertise and experience to produce 21st century solutions for emergency services personnel working on the front line including public order, crowd control and emergency situations.

For the police, one and two piece POCC garments have been designed with both male and female officers in mind. The result is a range of garments which not only provide the highest level of physical protection but, using the latest DuPontTM Nomex®/DuPontTM Kevlar® fabrics, also a lighter weight composition offering greater wearer comfort for both genders.

Greater multi-agency working in recent years has required ambulance staff to operate within the Inner Cordon, calling for outer garments which protect against heat and flame as well as chemical and blood borne pathogen contamination. HART (Hazardous Area Response Teams) and SORT (Special Operations Response Teams) deployments within the regional NHS Ambulance Trusts now have their own distinctive green PPE, allowing them to work alongside the fire and police services where required.

Bristol is a Department of Health (DH) approved supplier.

For more details see our Emergency Services Brochure.


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