Operational PPE

At the core of the CPCC range of products is the operational PPE which offers a range of head-to-toe garments to meet all the protective needs of 21st century fire & rescue services. A more specialist approach to firefighting has created a need for specialised garments to better meet the demands of structural and wildland firefighting and technical rescue situations.

The structural fire coat and trouser style is based on Bristol’s latest XFlex™ silhouette in lightweight firefighting PPE. It incorporates a Hainsworth Pbi TITAN1260 outershell with a Crosstech® Fireblocker moisture barrier and an Eco-Dry Active thermal lining.

The technical rescue garments are based on the RescueFlex™ design and incorporate a hi-visibility outer fabric with a ​Crosstech® SR moisture and bloodborne pathogen barrier, plus rescue helmet, gloves and boots.

The wildland garments are single layer garments manufactured from Eco-Dry shield.

For comprehensive information about our full range of CPCC products refer to our Central PPE and Clothing Contract (CPCC) Brochure.


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